We are pleased to share our many years experience in the Fashion Industry to help British Independent Boutiques source new and emerging European Brands or reach a wider audience, online, and across the whole of the UK and the EC. 

We also continue to support and help new and emerging Womenswear brands from Europe enter the British market.

Our Boutiques and Brands multi-vendor platform has been built as an e-commerce, transactional service for the benefit of British Independent Boutiques, some of which may previously have bought from us at YFC London or our wholesale import partner MGB Fashion.  YFC wishes to continue to support such customers, old and new, and hope that this platform goes some way to achieving that objective.  It’s free to join!

We are available for freelance consultancy support on an hourly or daily basis according to client requirements and budget.  Call us to discover which marketing or sourcing services we may be able to help with.  As experienced and professional marketers of women’s fashion for many many years, we are happy to help brands from abroad enter the British market with a range of merchandising, marketing and product positioning issues that you may wish to discuss and plan before finalizing or updating your strategy for the British market.


If you are a fashion retail chain or fashion brand from abroad and wish to produce all or part of your collection in the UK we can offer a freelance garment production sourcing service.  We have successfully sourced and supplied ‘ Made in England ‘ fast fashion for large and smaller retail chains in Europe and Scandinavia for many years.

Our supply-side network is extensive and has been developed over many years working with the top British manufacturers and suppliers to the British and European High Street Retail brands. We provide a summary of different aspects of our network here for your interest. 

If you are in the process of reviewing your supply chain and are considering the UK as a new resource, we will be happy to help you with up to date and relevant market information as well as introductions at director level to our most creative, specialist British garment factories and textile sourcing options…

Why not give us a call or email us to discover what we can do for you?

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