The Boutiques and Brands website has been developed as a multi-vendor, e-commerce platform.  It is a free-to-join business service for British Independent Boutiques to sell online without the expense of developing and managing their own transactional website. 

For those retailers who already have their own Brochure or Transactional website we offer this free-to-join, additional online retail presence to supplement existing marketing efforts and help to find new clients from other parts of the country.  

Having additional high street outlets means more customers and more business so it follows that having additional exposure online will also result in more customers and more business.

We totally understand how expensive it is and how much of a distraction it is for independent retailers to keep pace with the latest Website & Digital Technologies required to maintain an effective online presence.  We also realise how important it is to keep up with the latest Social Media marketing options and techniques and maintain a regular social media presence. 

With this in mind we offer these two solutions…

The first solution is to allow the client to list their stock on our  free-to-join specialist platform whilst we develop their site.

The second solution we offer is to develop a well designed, transactional and mobile-friendly website strictly within the limited budget the client has available using our in-house and affordable web design service. 

Both of these options free up time for the client to focus on their core business and spend more of their time and creativity on their Social Media platforms promoting their website, online presence and new product arrivals.

The platform has been designed to provide a customer managed, transactional E-Shop-In-Shop ( Webshop ) and provide additional marketing opportunity for retailers that also wish to focus their marketing effort on the thirty-something fashion womenswear market and niche.

We also developed this platform as a retail destination for online shoppers to seek out those fantastic brand mark-downs and off-price deals that all retailers are bound to offer from time to time.  Rather than compromise their new-season stocks and present such deals on their Boutique shop floor during the season we believe that our retailers may prefer to hold and sell these products separately.  

THE PLATFORM… The main points to remember.

  • Your new online Shop-In-Shop is FREE TO JOIN and totally focussed on the thirty-something, lifestyle, adult market and this niche.
  • Your new Shop-In-Shop can be set up immediately and can be trading within 48 to 72 hours.
  • This is an immediately available opportunity and an easy way for you to open another retail outlet ( Online )
  • This is an efficient way for you to direct your own social media posts to your new online shop product pages and turn Facebook and Instagram views into sales.
  • Our platform is regularly audited and maintained,  Google Friendly and Search Engine Optimised.
  • As we build our own B & B Facebook audience our Platform is also regularly promoted by us on both Facebook and Instagram and other Social Media platforms..
  • It has been designed to promote your store as a retail brand and profile your store as well as sell your selected products.
  • We will help you design and post your shop image banners and profile page and get you trading as soon as possible.
  • We will show you how to upload and manage your own stock 24/7.
  • It is fully responsive for Desktop PC’s, Laptops, Notebooks, and all Smartphones.
  • We are SSL Certified & GDPR compliant.
  • Payment for each transaction is made directly to you, immediately and secure via the PAYPAL mass payments portal. 

To join us online got to :