Working with experts in understanding the senses and how consumers respond to sensory stimuli

With our associates knowledge of Sensory Science, we are able to provide the technology to create a completely new and unique concept in Branded clothing by adding sensory and softness benefits to every garment produced.

We can provide the way for manufacturers to offer a completely new and unique concept in Branded Womenswear and other apparel by making it possible to add sensory, sensual and softness benefits to each garment produced.

The Benefits

  • Imagine clothing that is as pleasantly fragrant at the end of the day as when it was first worn.
  • Imagine clothing  that releases sensory and moisturising benefits throughout the day whilst being worn.
  • Imagine wearing a designer fragrance on your garment or scarf  that lasts all day. 
  • Imagine clothing that releases medicinal or skin-care benefits throughout the day whilst being worn.

Adding skin care benefits to clothing

Imagine leggings infused with slimming or anti-cellulite benefits, summer pantyhose with cooling technology, indulgent blends with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to soothe and moisturize.

Our licensed technology brings a totally new dimension to clothing with a wide range of carefully crafted and balanced skin-care benefits

Imagine clothing that provides and keeps these benefits for multiple wash cycles and can be dry-cleaned..

This can all be achieved using Micro-encapsulation technology

The Technology

Micro-capsules are like tiny invisible containers which can be filled with a fragrance or a combination of wellness products and then fixed on to most fabrics.

These micro-capsules protect their contents until the fabric they are attached to is rubbed or agitated at which point they break and release their benefits gradually over time whilst being worn.

This unique technology can be applied to all sorts of fabrics using our proprietary binder system, billions of tiny polymeric microcapsules filled with freshness benefits, skin care actives or simply a fragrance.

This exclusive technology is applied at the mill during the dyeing and finishing process, either by padding on to bulk fabric or via exhaust on to finished garments.

Our associate and supplier for this technology is able to develop fragrances that perfectly echo different consumer needs and moods. We understand smells that energise, smells that relax, smells that bring comfort and smells that feel right, close to the skin.

Designer Perfume & Fragrances

Our world-renowned perfumer partner is able to develop bespoke fragrances for individual clients identifying and targeting their appropriate customer base and their lifestyle preferences.

Our designer’s philosophy centres around a genuine blend of passion and expertise to deliver unique fragrances that delight and instantly enrich our everyday experiences.  She believes that fragrance has the power to transform your mood, connect you to a time or place and focus your spirits on a positive future. We agree.

We are able to call on this specialist expertise to develop bespoke outstanding fragrances and benefits to meet each clients requirements and to apply those fragrances at just the right intensity to give maximum pleasure to the consumer.

 How much does it cost ?

The cost in adding value to your brand in this way is surprisingly low as a percentage of the total cost of the garment.  Of course the actual cost per garment will vary according to the number of garments produced and the amount of capsules required.  A normal retail margin should comfortably absorb this cost however the added retail value will certainly be enough to cover the cost of the benefits provided.

To cost each project or garment efficiently we will require detailed information about fabric and dye-house volume etc..

Feel free to contact me for more information on the cost, specific enquiries, test performance results etc.

Email : George@yfclondon.co.uk

The microencapsulation technology we use is provided by a long established British Tech & Chemical company based in the South East of England. Our technology cannot be copied and is provided exclusively to The Fragrant Scarf Company for use on Scarves, Hijabs and other Neck & Headwear items in this textile category.

  • ​We will produce Scarves or Hijabs for you with our developed OUD Fragrances.
  • We will produce Scarves or Hijabs for you and apply YOUR brand perfume.
  • We can also provide the technology for you to add to your own manufactured products.

​We are happy to look at ‘ Private Label ‘ use for your existing products or Brand.

​When used correctly our microencapsulation technology has many potential applications and we will be happy to look at your enquiry for textile use in other ways and on other textile products.

We can develop alternative wellbeing benefits or a combination of benefits to apply to your own branded products…

  • FASHION :  Fragrances – Perfumes – Scents – Stay-Fresh Aromas
  • SPA PRODUCTS :  Essential Oils – Aloe Vera – Skin Care – Other Cosmetics
  • BODY FIT & SHAPEWARE :  Anti-Cellulite – Slimming aids – Moisturisers
  • SPORTS & GYM PRODUCTS :  Cooling Applications – Anti-Bacterial – Moisturise.
  • ALL TEXTILE PRODUCTS :  Antibacterial – Antimicrobial – Anti-Covid 19
  • MEDICAL USE : Oncology scarves – Moisturisers – Skin Care
  • OUTDOOR & VACATION :  Mosquito Repellents – Sun-Screen & Skin care.

So many possibilities…