Hi, my name is George Nylk.  My company is called YFC London

I have many years of successful womenswear merchandising and wholesaling experience in the fashion industry most of which have been established at Managing Director or Export and Sales director level with the top Knitwear and Womenswear Fashion companies and brands in the UK and Continental Europe.

As YFC London I have successfully sourced, merchandised and distributed many new womenswear fashion brands from mainland Europe as well as managing UK and Export sales for some of the top British fashion manufacturers and importers.  My passion for women’s fashion and especially fashion knitwear came from marketing brands such as Jump Knitwear, Honeysuckle and Naf Naf, Dito Dito and Mexx as well as Dutch, Italian and French womenswear brands.

For Example,  I introduced the Global Dutch-owned brand MEXX to the British market when it first started.  As the UK managing director I merchandised, marketed and managed this brand into a multi-million pound UK distributorship over nearly ten years setting the ‘ gold standard ‘ for this style of fashion wholesale distribution focusing on the British High Street Independent Lifestyle Boutique market.

Trading independently as YFC and MGB Fashion I have successfully distributed many well known and respected Young Fashion brands from Europe and France such as CARLING from Paris which I worked with for over fifteen years.  I have also distributed other European and French designed stock brands from time to time from my wholesale showrooms in Great Portland Street in Central London.


Working with the top womenswear fashion importers in the UK, for over three years, I sourced regular imported stocks for a variety of French and Italian wholesalers and also worked successfully with the TATI DEPARTMENT STORES in Paris as their UK stock sourcing agent.

Also for over three years and working with the top Knitwear and T-Shirt manufacturers in the UK  I became the exclusive sourcing agency for the major European retail chain, ORSAY from Germany with over 600 outlets across the EC and Eastern Europe.  As a result, I have established relationships and contact with the top medium to high volume UK clothing factories and importers that specialize in Export to the EC.

As the exclusive UK sourcing agent for TIPPY RETAIL and QUEENZ from Denmark for many years,  I have established and ongoing relationships with most of the top, fast fashion, British Knitwear and Jersey-wear factories that offer a complete design and production service and of course a designed and finished product.


Due to the many and significant changes in the fashion wholesale and retail business across Europe over the last few years, as YFC and MGB Fashion, I have re-scheduled my business in favour of a B 2 B Fashion Marketing Consultancy.  I have closed my London Showrooms in favour of this more Internet-based, consumer-focused approach championing selected British Boutique Retailers and new and emerging European Brands.  

I have also launched and maintain a new transactional, multi-vendor, B 2 C  E-COMMERCE PLATFORM and am actively looking for like-minded retailers and brands to take advantage of our free-to-join e-commerce service.

The British High Street retail market is more challenging than ever but is still vibrant and in spite of the current Global Pandemic our more professional retailers continue to survive enthusiastically in search of new and more exclusive products to sell.

As YFC London I am keen to help British Boutiques and EC Brands in any way I can …