Even before the existing  Coronavirus Pandemic went global  this low cost  technology had been developed and is distributed on a global scale in many forms and on many diverse products.

Clearly this is a time of increased awareness of personal hygiene issues and the right time to make more use of this technology on fabrics and clothing.  

Antibacterial fabrics and sprays are available in many forms, mainly imported, are quite expensive and are not really suitable for general use in the fashion industry.

Our technology is easy to apply to most fabrics, inexpensive, affordable and effective at every level. Unlike most other applications out technology is also durable and once applied does not need re-application to remain effective. 

Fabrics treated with this low cost technology are ideal for Fashion Fabrics and Clothing as well as Personal Protection Equipment ( PPE )

Imagine being able to wear clothing that destroys bacteria and viruses as you wear it.

Imagine your clothing is always free of perspiration odour.

Imagine feeling confident, fresh and comfortable all day.  

The Nano Silver Technology we offer ( Pure Silver ) is a proven low cost fabric technology that has the following benefits:-

  • When any pathogen comes into contact with the treated fabric it is destroyed within seconds.
  • Treated fabric is Antibacterial and Antimicrobial and is effective against the Coronavirus
  • The product is easily Integrated into the Fabric during the dyeing / finishing process
  • With the addition of Bamboo this ensures the item is super soft and also naturally anti bacterial and effective against viruses
  • The benefits last the life-time of the product, it doesn’t wash out and can even be boil washed.
  • It is Non Toxic
  • The product is neutral in colour and won’t discolour in the dying process ensuring that it can be applied to any fabric without effecting the new fabric colour
  • It is eco-friendly and doesn’t leach out, ours is the only product like this on the market
  • Once applied, it can be stored for years and does not lose effectiveness from washing, perspiration or wear.

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